Strenuous Life


The three key disciplines we have decided to initially focus on are as follows (our goal is to find small ways to make incremental improvements). The first two are based on paradigms however here we want to find small and practical ways to express these ideas.

  1. Personal Responsibility: The buck stops here. Accepting the responsibility that is rightfully mine is the first step to any positive change.

  2. Personal Accountability: History is replete with examples of people that tried to go it alone and failed - some of them spectacularly. Even a small increase in personal accountability can result in a large execution benefit.

  3. Basic Time Management: As the one resource of which there is a strictly limited quantity, focusing on best utilizing this key resource has the greatest positive impact on life.

As for habits - they are individualy customized and applied in each of these categories. At this point we are thinking that a social aspect is important for accountability and that a live element is required for two reasons - first it is easy to let things slide or lie about status in a text post and secondly the live human interaction (even when digital) provides a foundation of benefits for later paradigm components.

We are still formulating ideas on how to make this work and maximize return on investment of time - please share ideas and thoughts that are constructive.