Strenuous Life

About Strenuous life The why and the wherefore...

Strenuous Life was created to meet a very specific need - the encouragement to continuously create and improve upon good habits.

Nature abhors a vacuum. Doing away with a "bad" habit is only planning to fail. You must replace each bad habit with a good habit or nothing will have changed in the end. Conversely if you create a good habit, the bad ones will tend to be displaced (it does still take some effort but is much easier to maintain progress).

Social connection on habit forming is important not to boast but rather to encourage and strenthen each others hand to the battle before us. (Knowing you are not alone, getting tips and tricks on breaking stubborn habits, and being inspired to reach for the next level are all helpful.)

Our logo is made up of links of chain, each on its own strong but insignificant. All together the chain is a very useful tool, however it is never stronger than its weakest link. The longer it is the larger the job it can do but the stronger each link must be to sustain the project.

So in application each habit is not that big a deal by itself but taken together they create a total tool that is much greater than the sum of its parts.


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